AirPortr for sports equipment

Heading away on a sports holiday? If you don't fancy squeezing your paddleboard into the back of a cab. Or braving the underground with suitcases and skis. We're here to help.

From golf clubs to bikes – we’ll deliver your oversized luggage to and from the airport. Prices start from £30 with no additional cost for larger or heavier items up to 32kg.


Don't wait days for delivery from freighting - we offer same day delivery to the airport

Our prices start from £30 whatever the size or weight


Check in your sports gear from home and collect from baggage reclaim when you travel with British Airways


Convenient 1 hour pick up slots

No need to work from home waiting around for luggage forwarding companies. We offer a range of 1 hour pick up slots to suit you between 6am and 9pm.

If you're using the Bag Check-In service for British Airways, we can pick up your bags the night before or on the day you fly. This must be within 24 hours of flight departure as we need to verify your boarding pass.

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Don't wait around for your bags

Luggage forwarding takes on average 4 working days - which means you can be without your luggage for almost a week if you're travelling over the weekend. We can pick up and deliver your bags when it suits you, with a range of overnight or same day delivery options.

Plus, if you're flying with British Airways, your bags travel on the plane with you so you simply collect them from the baggage reclaim when you land.


Don't take our word for it  1000+ customers have rated us 5 stars

Makes getting to airport 100% easier and very very convenient, especially with children.
— Laith, Stockholm



Can I use the service if I have oversized luggage?

If you’re using Bag Check-In your checked baggage must be within your booked allowance for your flight. You can find this information on your British Airways e-ticket or you can check Manage My Booking on

The maximum weight limit for all bookings is 32kg. We cannot take bags over this weight for the health and safety of our drivers.

Do you accept sports equipment?

Yes. Whether it's golf clubs, ski equipment or a musical instrument, all items are charged at the same rate. Just ensure that your luggage is within your booked airline allowance if using the Bag Check-In service.