AirPortr for families

Fed up of struggling to the airport with suitcases, small children, buggies and car seats? Make your journey to the airport as stress free as the walk to the pool.

We bring the airport bag drop to you, picking up your luggage from any London address and checking them in for your flight. Travel lighter and collect your bags from the baggage reclaim when you land.


Airport and airline approved. UK aviation security regulation compliant

Over 1000 5-star reviews

Head straight to security at the airport and relax in departures


How it works



Don't take our word for it  1000+ customers have rated us 5 stars

Makes getting to airport 100% easier and very very convenient, especially with children.
— Laith, Stockholm



Can I check in buggies, wheelchairs and children's car seats?

We can check in buggies car seats and wheelchairs for Bag Check-In bookings. You simply need to add this as a bag to your booking (either checked or standard depending if you need it at the airport) and add a note when prompted to let us know about the extra bag and its contents.

Please note that British Airways’ rules mean that this won't count towards your luggage allowance so if you have 1 bag and a buggy/car seat/wheel chair then you’ll need to book for 2 bags but the driver will know they’ll only see one bag on your boarding pass.

Can I use the service if my children are travelling on my passport?

Absolutely - we'll just verify your passport when checking in your child's bag.