With over 473k flights arriving and departing Heathrow a year and over 275k from Gatwick - it’s no surprise that many passengers connect between London airports. AirPortr can lighten the load making your connection or free you up to enjoy your stop over day in the city.


Make the most of your day between flights

Check in your bags for your next flight when you land


Don't drag heavy suitcases on the train

How to book airport connections with AirPortr

Simply select ‘Out of London’ on the quote page and select your pick-up address as the airport you are flying into. 

See the sights on your stopover

If you’re flying in early in the morning and not departing London until later that day, why not spend the day seeing the sights? Simply drop off you bag with the AirPortr team in Arrivals for delivery to your connecting airport. Choose a time to collect your bags later that day. Or, if you’re flying British Airways, check in your bags at your arriving airport for your next flight and enjoy luggage freedom until you collect them from the baggage reclaim at your destination airport.

If you’re making the most of your stopover with an overnight stay in London we also offer 3 nights complimentary storage with all AirPortr bookings. Leaving you free to head into London with your hand baggage and meet your heavier checked bags at your connecting airport.


Don’t sweat travelling between airports

London’s public transport system can be stressful at the best of times, let alone when you’re dragging a suitcase. Travel lighter and hassle free by letting AirPortr deliver your bags to your connecting airport. Connect between Gatwick and Heathrow by train and tube or take a coach in approx. 75 minutes. Heathrow provide detailed transfer information here.